Gem Stones

Agate Gem Stone Necklace

Agate Gem Stone Necklace



Grounding and calming stone.
Balances the emotions, the mind and the physical body.
Brings strength, self acceptance and self confidence.
Encourages you to speak your truth.
Aids in healing the heart and digestive issues.


Manifestation and inspiration stone.
Aids communication and self expression at all levels.
Stimulates creativity and the intellect.
Overcomes emotional exhaustion and endorses passion.
Heals the bones, joint problems and arthritis.


Carries a high spiritual vibration.
Serenity stone that enhances meditation.
Facilitates decision making processes.
Opens intuition and psychic abilities.
Aids with insomnia and balances the immune system.


Courage stone.
Reduces stress and quiets the mind.
Brings unfinished business to resolution.
Encourages service to humanity.
Aids thyroid problems and calms autoimmune responses. 

Blue Lace Agate

Nurturing stone.
Activates and heals the throat chakra.
Encourages new forms of expression.
Brings deep feelings of peace.
Removes blockages of the nervous system. 


Grounding stone that restores vitality.
Promotes positive life choices.
Cleanses other stones.
Supports self trust.
It stimulates metabolism and regulates kidneys.


Powerful cleanser stone.
Promotes feelings of good will.
Dissipates negative thoughts and emotions.
Instills feelings of generosity and benevolence.
Heals the circulatory system and increases physical energy.


Abundance stone.
Teaches how to manifest wealth and prosperity.
Transmutes negative energy.
Balances Yin Yang energy.
Relives constipation and stimulates digestion.


Symbol of purity.
Attracts abundance.
Amplifies energy.
Brings love and clarity to relationships.
Clears the sight and benefits the brain.


Inspiration, patience and wisdom stone.
Considered the successful love stone.
Brings loyalty, bliss, unity and unconditional love.
Inspires deep inner knowing.
Detoxifies the liver and alleviates rheumatism.


Commitment stone.
Revitalizes, purifies and balances energy.
Inspires love and devotion.
Removes inhibitions and taboos.
Stimulates metabolism and purifies the heart.


Protection stone.
Crystals contained in an outer rock formation.
Holds and amplifies energy.
Aids in spiritual growth and expansion.
Assists in breaking addictions of all kinds.


Powerful grounding and protection stone.
Also known as Hematite.
Beneficial for legal situations.
Stimulates concentration and focus.
Treats leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia. 


Supports self respect.
Carries you to your destination.
Opens intuitive abilities.
Releases feelings of guilt and inferiority.
Regulates hormone production.


Very calming stone.
Antidote for insomnia.
Opens memories of past lives.
Teaches patience and eliminates anger.
Can balance calcium levels and aids teeth and bones.


Vision stone, activates third eye.
Clears thought forms.
Aids in expressing authentic self.
Supports detoxification and regeneration of the liver.
Alleviates migrane headaches.


Considered the supreme nurturing stone.
Aligns physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Provides protection and grounding.
Promotes organizational abilities.
Supports the circulatory and digestive system.


Excellent for use in mediation.
Encourages speaking one's truth.
Connects you to spirit guides.
Aligns energy centers (chakras).
Treats muscular disorder and is a natural pain reliever.


Mystical and protective stone.
Stone of esoteric knowledge.
Banishes fears and insecurities.
Stone of transformation.
Regulates metabolism and balances hormones.


Throat stone.
Teaches the power of the spoken word.
Encourages taking charge of Life.
Brings qualities of honesty, compassion and uprightness.
Overcomes depression and benefits the throat and larynx.


The stone of new beginnings.
Calms and stabilizes emotions.
Balances male and female energies.
Improves emotional intelligence.
Helps the digestive and reproductive systems. 


Strength giving stone.
Facilitates being master of one's destiny.
Holds memory of past life times.
Aid in accessing higher guidance.
Beneficial for teeth, bones and blood disorders. 


Karmic stone.
Aids in expressing dynamic creativity.
Enhances mystical visions.
Associated with love and passion.
Strengthens the will to live and treats Parkinson's disease.


Releases toxins at all levels.
Cleanses and activates heart and solar plexus chakras.
Teaches detachment, releases anger and resentment.
Visionary crystal that helps understand your purpose.
Heals and regenerates tissues and supports the heart. 


Positive stone.
Overcomes inertia and feelings of inadequacy.
Relieves anxiety and improves memory.
Aids with melancholy.
Benefits the circulatory and respiratory systems. 


Master healing stone for any condition.
Raises energy levels.
Attunes you to your spiritual purpose.
Absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.
Harmonizes all chakras and brings body into balance. 


Encourages passion for life.
Stimulates and balances the heart chakra.
Protects against psychic attack.
Brings up negative emotions for transmutation.
Supports the heart and circulatory system. 

Rutilated Quartz

Promotes spiritual growth.
Facilitates contact with the highest spiritual guidance.
Acts as an antidepressant.
Helps overcome fears, phobias and anxiety.
Treats the respiratory system and stimulates regeneration of cells. 


Wisdom stone.
Releases mental tension.
Stimulates concentration and focus.
Brings prosperity and gifts of all kinds.
Regulates glands and heals the eyes. 


Instills deep peace.
Creates a safe and quiet space around the home.
Aids in accessing Angels.
Helps to see the deeper picture.
Prevents epilepsy and neutralizes mercury.

Smokey Topaz

Powerful grounding and protective stone.
Aids acceptance of physical body.
Alleviates nightmares.
Dissipates fear of failure.
Strengthens the back and nerves.


Stimulates the third eye.
Supports you in being true to you.
Brings harmony and solidarity to groups.
Stimulates trust and companionship.
Calms panic attacks and anxiety attacks.


Supports energy renewal.
Supports Kundalini energy flow.
Enhances positive personality traits.
Encourages during difficult situations.
Aids in humbly accepting success.


Directs energy where needed most.
Aligns meridians of the body.
Promotes Truth and forgiveness.
Stone of Love and good luck.
Stabilizes emotions and manifest health. 

Tourmalinated Quartz

Grounding stone.
Strengthens the body's energy field.
Releases tensions at all levels.
Helps integrate the shadow.
Harmonizes meridians in the body.


Purification and strengthening stone.
Enhances intuition.
supports self expression and creativity.
Unites heaven and earth.
Heals the whole body.