Jewelry Care

Here are a few quick tips to keep your cale & cole jewelry as good as new so that they last for years. 

Cale & Cole | Jewelry Care


Some jewelry may tarnish when exposed to light. Store jewelry in a jewelry box or dust bag (especially while traveling) to prevent tarnishing and to keep them safe from harms way. Avoid storing jewelry in a moist or humid spot.

Remove jewelry while performing contact sports or manual tasks such as cleaning, painting, gardening, etc. Remove jewelry when applying make up, perfume, or hair products. Remove jewelry while swimming in pools, the ocean, or while visiting the spa.

Handle jewelry with extra care when putting on or taking off. In the case earrings or necklaces are bent, it can be remedied by gently bending the wire back to its original position.



Keep jewelry clean by polishing pieces with a soft cloth or use warm water. Always remember to remove your jewelry before showering or going to bed. Do not apply chemical jewelry cleaners, as this can damage the plating.